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Guernsey starring Lily James: Watch the first trailer #book2movies

It’s been a long time coming—I’ve been waiting for the screen adaptation of The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society since 2012. My mother, who lived through WWII Britain as a teenager, died the month I read the book—my review below—maybe that’s why I always think of her when I picture Juliet.

My mum, my ideal Juliet

 Back then Kate Winslet was in talks to play Juliet with Kenneth Branagh directing. That didn’t happen, obviously. Then in 2015 it was back on again, with a new shorter title—Guernsey—and Mike Newell directing with Rebecca Ferguson starring as Juliet. There was talk of Michelle Dockery playing the part as well but again,it didn’t happen.

Now, at long last, the movie is a reality. We have our Juliet (Lily James) We have our Dawsey (Michael Huisman/Game of Thrones) We have a Downton Abbey reunion with the addition of Matthew Goode as Sidney Stark, Jessica Brown Findlay as Elizabeth McKenna, Penelope Wilton as Amelia Maugery and of course Lily. Katherine Parkinson who I loved as the receptionist in Doc Marten and am loving in In the Club is Isola Pribby.

We have a trailer. We have a few pictures. What we don’t seem to have is a US air date! Details, details!

Here are the release dates we have so far:
Australia            19 April 
UK                         20 April 
New Zealand 25 April
Germany             16 August 

Watch the trailer:

As Sidney Stark (Matthew Goode) says in the trailer, the original title is quite a mouthful! 


  1. This is so exciting. I read the book when it first came out. Looking forward to the movie!

    1. Me too, Joy! I'm sure we'll both be talking about it for British Isles Friday.

  2. I've developed an interest in books, fiction and nonfiction, about civilians in Europe who grew up during the World Wars, trying for some sense of normalcy during those two conflicts. Thanks for introducing me to the book, and film.

    1. Hi Earl! You certainly have a swathe to pick from, and you're in the right place for seeing some of the places most affected. Thanks so much for dropping by, I really appreciate it:)

  3. I’m ridiculously excited about this! The trailer was sent out in a book industry email that I received this morning, so as soon as I watched it, I raced to your blog to see what you had already posted. you didn’t disappoint, as usual!

    1. Very cool! Thanks Emily, I can't wait is so overused but I can't wait! Did they provide a US release date?!?!

  4. I just got your Tweet and Thank you!! I can't wait for this movie. Also, I didn't know any of this about Kate Winslet being considered a while back. I love Kate. Your Mum's photo is dynamic, lovely.

    Thanks for thinking of me.


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