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File under TFiOS. Okay?

Updated: 6/10/2014 
Welcome to the TFIOS File. You'll find all my posts related to The Fault in Our Stars movie based on John Green's mega selling and beloved book right here.

The film starring Shailene Woodley as Hazel and Ansel Elgort as Gus started production August 26 in Philadelphia and hit theaters June 6, 2014. The film was number one at the box office its first weekend out, bringing in almost $50 million, easily besting the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt movie based on a book, Edge of Tomorrow.

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 My first The Fault In Our Stars post back in February of this year.
Updated here when the film's director, Josh Boone tweeted that Shailene Woodley had been cast as Hazel on March 19th.

The post with the news that Ansel Elgort (who?)- who just finished playing Woodley's brother in Divergent - was cast as Augustus Waters. 

The news that Laura Dern would play Hazel's mom and Nat Wolff (who the director, Josh Boone, worked with in Stuck in Love) was cast as Isaac.


The Fault In Our Stars without The Funky Bones like a day without orange juice?
My first disappointment has got to be the news from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette  that Philadelphia will stand in for Indiana. Hmmm! Really? Or do you take heart that Ansel Elgort told MTV:       
“We’re going to visit some cancer hospitals and talk with kids and patients who’ve had the same things that our characters will have,” said the actor. “We’re probably going to go and meet with John Green in Indiana and see the Funky Bones and see the different places in the books. So it’s really exciting and the process is going to be great and we’re both so excited. It’s an amazing story and we’re privileged to be able to bring it to life.”

Funky Bones/ Indiannapolis Museum of Art

Why visit the Funky Bones or any of the Indiana locations if you're not using them in the film? Maybe they will shoot crucial Indiana scenes - like the Funky Bones - there while filming the majority of the film, including Hazel's house, in and around Pittsburgh in order to take advantage of the tax benefits. Then there is that trip to film on location in Amsterdam; will they have to wait for spring to film the magical spring snow we hear about in the book?