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Torn between two blogs: I started Chapter1-Take1 to share my fascination with big screen adaptations;  the latest novel being optioned, the actors cast to play beloved characters, images from the set.

At Sim Carter: Past Tense/Perfect, Imperfect you'll find a different side of me; that's where I post the more personal stuff, mostly memoir. A few of the pieces have been published: Beach Music ran in the Los Angeles Times Sunday magazine, Last Dance first appeared in the Skylark Literary Journal and The Arab boy who took out His Eye was published in The South Bay Reader under the title Double Vision. I did some freelance work while my son was growing up for various publications including Parents, LA Family, 805 Living magazine and the Daily Breeze. And like everyone else in Hollywood I have a script in a drawer. My husband works in the film business and our son is a fledgling director teaching himself the ropes. I trace my love of reading back to my mum who used to take me on regular trips to the library where we would depart with stacks and stacks of books in our arms.