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Nicole Kidman Talks About Playing Real Life Mother in Boy Erased #book2movie

Boy Erased based on the memoir about a boy and his family going through gay conversion therapy—and coming out the other side—opened this weekend. I knew about gay conversion therapy before learning about the project BUT like Nicole Kidman, I had no idea it was still happening. I thought the whole pray away the gay notion was outlawed because it's such a horrendous, dehumanizing practice. BUT I was wrong. In fact, gay conversion therapy is still legal in 35 states! Author Garrard Conley's mother is part of the movement to banish gay conversion therapy in all 50 states.
Despite the cruelty of the therapy, our vice president Mike Pence very much believes in the practice. Vote Blue! 

Watch the interview where Kidman and Conley's real-life mum talk about the project. 

Boy Erased, directed by Joel Edgerton stars Lucas Hedges as Garrard with Nicole Kidman as his mother and Russell Crowe as his dad. Boy Erased is in theaters now.