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Hugh Grant is Joining Nicole Kidman in You Should Have Known #book2movie

Hugh Grant will play Nicole Kidman's husband in The Undoing ... based on You Should Have Known

We've been following Nicole Kidman around lately, watching what she's reading, what project she's attached to. Seems like the woman is always up to something! While we're waiting for the second season of Big Little LiesThe Goldfinch and The Female Persuasion, we've also been excited about another HBO limited series in the works: The Undoing based on Jean Hanff Korelitz’ You Should Have Known and scripted by Big Little Lies writer David E. Kelly. 

The most recent bit of good news is that Hugh Grant has been added to the cast as the apparently devoted husband of Kidman's central character, Grace Sachs. Grace is a psychologist and the author of the book You Should Have Known, "in which she cautions women to really hear what men are trying to tell them" and when her husband disappears she's left to question why she was unable to follow her own advice. 

"Overnight a chasm opens in Grace's life," reads the logline, "a violent death, a missing husband, and, in the place of a man Grace thought she knew, only a chain of terrible revelations. Left behind in the wake of a spreading and very public disaster, and horrified by the ways in which she has failed to heed her own advice, Grace must dismantle one life and create another for her child and herself."

I adored Hugh Grant's younger rom-com starry—and blinking—persona but his willingness and ability to take on darker, less conventional roles as he ages is very exciting.

Here, Grant himself reviews his most iconic film roles for GQ.
I'm partial to Love Actually and Notting Hill. What's your favorite?