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Robert Redford: The Old Man & Some Parting Thoughts

I haven't made it into the theater to see The Old Man & the Gun yet, one movie-going friend said she doesn't want to see Redford as an old man. 

All I can say to that is at least he’s not Clint Eastwood who has revealed himself to be an ornery old man. To be fair, Eastwood has half a dozen years on Redford so you never know to what depths of crotchetiness Redford may sink to when his time comes. In the meantime, post-Kavanaugh’s ascension to the supreme court, Redford—who has announced that The Old Man & the Gun is his last film as an actor—has released a statement on the Sundance site about the current state of affairs.

“Tonight, for the first time I can remember, I feel out of place in the country I was born into and the citizenship I’ve loved my whole life. For weeks I’ve watched with sadness as our civil servants have failed us, turning toward bigotry, mean-spiritedness, and mockery as the now-normal tools of the trade.

“How can we expect the next generation to step up and serve, to be interested in public life, and to aspire to get involved when all we show them is how to spar, attack, and destroy each other?

“It’s hard to blame young people for calling us out, and pointing to our conflicts between the values we declare, and those we stand behind only when it’s convenient to partisanship. Many people are rightly calling it a damn mess.

“But I want to encourage you to dig deep for hope and civility right now—to try to make connections with people you disagree with, to be better than our politicians.

“We don’t have to share the same motivations to want the same outcomes. Let’s focus on each other, and strengthening our communities, and reflecting on what’s happening. Let’s live in justice and respect and let others fight it out now to the bitter ends.

“This is our country too. Every woman, man, and child in it, our American future.

“We’ve got work to do.”

Let's get to it!