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John LeCarré's The Little Drummer Girl TRAILER #BriFri #Book2movie

Florence Pugh and Alexander Skarsgård star in John LeCarré's The Little Drummer Girl

Have you seen the latest production of King Lear with Anthony Hopkins as Lear? In that updated production on Amazon Prime—featuring an incredible cast including Emma Thompson, Emily Watson and Jim Broadbent, Cordelia is played rising British star Florence Pugh. 

You may have seen the BAFTA Rising Star nominee in Lady Macbeth or Marcella, and next year she'll play Amy in Little Women.  Sooner than that, though, Florence Pugh is the female lead in The Little Drummer Girl. The BBC and AMC are teaming up again to bring the adaptation of John LeCarrés novel to the screen. The Little Drummer Girl is set to hit our TVs this fall with Florence Pugh starring as double agent Charlie with Alexander Skarsgård as the Israeli intelligence officer and Michael Shannon as his boss. The Little Drummer Girl arrives here in the US on October 19th, we’ll keep our eyes out for the BBC UK dates.

About the book 

From the New York Times bestselling author of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; Our Kind of Traitor; soon to be a miniseries on AMC starring Alexander Skarsgard, Michael Shannon, and Florence Pugh.
"You want to catch the lion, first you tether the goat."
On holiday in Mykonos, Charlie wants only sunny days and a brief escape from England’s bourgeois dreariness. Then a handsome stranger lures the aspiring actress away from her pals—but his intentions are far from romantic. Joseph is an Israeli intelligence officer, and Charlie has been wooed to flush out the leader of a Palestinian terrorist group responsible for a string of deadly bombings. Still uncertain of her own allegiances, she debuts in the role of a lifetime as a double agent in the “theatre of the real.”
 Haunting and deeply atmospheric, John le Carré’s The Little Drummer Girl is a virtuoso performance and a powerful examination of morality and justice.

Last week I noted there should be a trailer popping up shortly.  Here it is!