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Agatha Christie was Born on this Day: Celebrate with a Saturday Matinee

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Happy Birthday Agatha Christie!

Today marks the birthday of Agatha Christie, the grand dame of the modern mystery. What to watch in her honor? Far be it from me to tell you what to watch, how to choose from the plethora of adaptations of Agatha Christie’s work. You could watch any of the page to screen renditions of And Then There Were None After all the book is the Agatha Christie classic that made the Great American Read's top 100. I quite enjoyed Ordeal by Innocence with Bill Nighy, Matthew Goode, Morven Christie and Eleanor Tomlinson on Amazon. Murder on the Orient Express, the 1974 version with Lauren Bacall and Albert Finney, the Murder on the Orient Express episode of the acclaimed TV series with David Suchet as Inspector Hercule Poirot, all available on Amazon prime. Or the most recent Kenneth Branagh directed version. Despite critics, my hubs and I quite enjoyed it.

Gillian Anderson, Glenn Close, Terence Stamp, Amanda Abbington, Christina Hendricks, Max Irons, Honor Kneafsey, and Stefanie Martini in Crooked House (2017)

The last Christie mystery I watched was Crooked House also on Amazon: a very stylish affair with Max Irons as a detective called in to investigate a murder inside one of those grand old family estates where literally everyone is a suspect. Including his former lover Sophia (Stefanie Martini).

The cast includes Christina Hendricks as the American widow of the murder victim Aristides Leonides. Being the gorgeous buxom woman she is, naturally she’s the prime suspect. 

The super strong cast includes Glenn Close, Gillian Anderson, Julian Sands, Terence Stamp and was well worth watching. Lots of fun trying to guess whodunnit, and a satisfying, if slightly disturbing ending.

What's your favorite Agatha Christie adaptation?