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RESPECT in The Diary of Bridget Jones: RIP Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin has passed away but her music and memory will always remain. The icon’s sounds moved from vinyl to CDs and online streaming services but here at Chapter1-Take1, we remember how her music often made the score. This bit from The Diary of Bridget Jones is one of our favorite looks at how music helps tell the story and how her music, in particular, is embedded in every aspect of our culture.

Just a few bars from RESPECT, a song the whole world knows by heart, serves as a punctuation point in this scene featuring Bridget (Rene Zelwegger) and her misogynistic boss (Hugh Grant). Talk about a #MeToo #TimesUp message!  Bridget, fed up with her treatment from the clueless Daniel finally finds the strength and self-respect to walk out the door. To the cheers and applause of her coworkers. 

The song which began with Otis Redding came to be synonymous with what Bridget—and millions of other women—was seeking. RESPECT. 

Rest in Peace 
Aretha Franklin