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Matthew Goode, Michael Caine & Bill Nighy: One for the kids #book2movie

Image of Matthew Goode as father in The Four Kids and It based on the book by Jacqueline Wilson shooting in Ireland

Matthew Goode plays Dad in The Four Kids and ItOn Location in Dublin

Imagine Matthew Goode, Michael Caine, and Bill Nighy together in one film. Ah, the prospect makes my mouth water! Such a trio of talents working together. So what do I do when some of my favorite actors are about to star not in some rich drama or grown-up comedy but in a movie based on a children’s book written for 8 to 11-year-olds? Cover it of course. But I’m finding it hard work to get past this book cover.

Michael Caine, Bill Nighy and Matthew Goode are set to star in family action adventure pic based on Jacqueline Wilson’s novel Four Children And It (which is itself based on the 1902 E. Nesbit book Five Children And It). 
The story follows four children who are horrified to learn that their beach holiday is in fact a bonding trip with their potential future step-siblings. During an argument, they accidently find a magical, sandy, grumpy creature called the Psammead (voiced by Caine) who can grant them one wish a day — only to see the wish canceled as soon as the sun sets. The kids must learn to work together and choose their wishes wisely as an evil villain (Nighy) tries his best to steal the Psammead for himself. Principal photography starts in August.

Three lovely men—Goode, Caine, and Nighy—whose work I love but whose presence in this picture doesn’t make excited about it at all. Hooray, a movie for kids with quality actors. One that the actors’ own children and grandchildren can see—not the worst motivator in the world. I just wish I could be a tad more excited about it for the children’s sake. Go on, tell me how Nesbitt’s book—never heard of it—is a classic which impacted your childhood. I’m all ears.