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First Trailer for Juliet, Naked: Based on the book by Nick Hornby #book2movie

Movie poster for Juliet, Naked starring Rose Byrne, Ethan Hawke & Chris O'Dowd based on the book by Nick Hornsby

First Poster for Juliet, Naked

I’d heard Juliet, Naked was coming to the screen this summer. With Rose Byrne, Chris O'Dowd and Ethan Hawke starring I couldn’t wait to read it. I can tell you I loved it but that’s about all I have in the way of reviews! 

I’ve been doing that more and more lately, reading a book, promising myself I’d write a review later and later never comes. Now I’ve forgotten most of it!

Now there’s a trailer and suffice it to say, for me, Ethan Hawke is perfection as the former American rock star Tucker Crowe (an American rocker’s name if ever I heard one), Chris O'Dowd as the obsessed fan Duncan and Rose Byrne as his patient girlfriend, Annie. Annie, who has sort of put her own life on hold to support his, and wait for him to move the relationship forward—still an all too familiar song for many females—ends up communicating with Tucker online and ultimately having a romance with him. I DO remember the book was both funny and moving. Watching the trailer, I'm getting the same vibe. Fingers crossed!

When you watch the trailer, pay attention to Rose Byrne’s accent. It is English—she’s originally Australian and can manage all kinds of accents including the flat American accent we heard in Bridesmaids—but I’m not sure what region it’s from. 

Here in the US, Juliet, Naked is coming out on August 17th. Just what we need this summer! 
In Juliet, Naked UK it opens in early November.

Fellow British Isles Friday followers, what do you think?