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Alicia Vikander & Riley Keough to star in The Earthquake Bird: #basedonabook #book2movie

Alicia Vikander

It’s well and truly May which means Alicia Vikander and Riley Keough start shooting the Netflix adaptation of The Earthquake Bird this month. Based on the award-winning debut crime novel by Susanna Jones, the film will shoot in Japan where much of the book is set.

The logline: 

A young ex-pat living in Tokyo is suspected of murder, which uncovers a mysterious love triangle.

Let’s look a little deeper ... 

The story takes place in Tokyo, Japan in the early 2000s. It begins with a young woman named Lucy being questioned by the police about the disappearance of her friend Lily. The neo-noir thriller recounts Lucy’s time in Japan as an English translator and navigates around the premise of a love triangle that may have formed with a handsome local photographer when Lily arrives to visit Lucy. Throughout the novel, the readers are told how Lucy arrived to her current predicament with the police at the beginning leading up to the tumultuous trip to Sado Island where the trio begins to fall apart.

Riley Keough in The Girlfriend Experience

Vikander is Lucy, while Riley Keough—the rising star is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley—is Lily. Jack Huston has been cast, it looks to me, to play the male in this love triangle.

Jack Huston in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Wash Westmoreland—we love what he and his partner did with Lisa Genova’s Still Alice—directs from his script based on Jone’s book.

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