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On Chesil Beach Starring Saoirse Ronan: New Clip #book2movie

Saoirse Ronan in On Chesil Beach

On Chesil Beach is due out in theaters here in the US on May 18th.

The film isn’t just about sexual repression, as you can see from the new official clip, the film—to a greater degree than the novel if I recall correctly—also looks at the question of class and those systems that have kept people in their rightful place. The question of marrying outside of your class was, and likely still is, in some quarters, of great import.

Coincidentally Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle is the next day, May 19. 

What a difference a few decades make! Once upon a time, Prince Harry would never have been permitted to marry Ms. Markle. Like Florence’s parents in this clip, his family would have issued quiet and not-so-quiet reminders that she was ‘working class’ not ‘one of them.’  

I am so glad the country, and the world, have changed so much. Not forgetting, of course, that ‘actress’ has long been a dirty word.

In fact, Duncan Larcombe, a former royal correspondent at British newspaper the Sun and author of a book about Prince Harry, told CNN

If she's perceived as behaving more like a celebrity actress than a royal bride, however, Larcombe believes Markle could face criticism.
‘‘I could see her being criticized for being too gushy, or, dare I say it, too American,” he says. ‘‘A Hollywood star is expected to be glitzy and glamorous, wealthy and indulgent.” But as a royal, ‘‘you've got all the fame but you’re not allowed to show the fortune.”
Let’s watch the trailer again.