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Nicole Kidman will star as Faith Frank in The Female Persuasion. Now, who will play Greer?

Now. Who will play Greer?

Last week we heard that Nicole Kidman was planning to adapt Meg Wolitzer’s newest best-selling book The Female Persuasion via her own production company. 

Now we have the facts. Nicole is attached. And she’ll play the lead role of Faith Frank, a strong and glamorous figure in the woman’s movement. In Wolitzer’s novel, Faith is sixty-three while Nicole just celebrated her 50th but she’ll either pull it off with makeup trickery as I noted in my previous post she does well vis a vis The Years, or they’ll pretend there’s no difference between a woman of fifty and a woman of sixty and that ain’t true (been there, done that) or they’ll make her character beautifully ageless like Nicole. 

Nicole Kidman image via Vanity Fair

Now, who to play Greer, the shy and awkward twenty-something college student? While EW’s Leah Greenblatt calls her a ‘small brown mouse of a girl’ she also writes in her review of the book that both characters are “fully formed [women] who speak to each other and have faceted ambitions and inner lives.” Always a good thing in women’s fiction and becoming increasing realized in films where women were once relegated to the role of the girlfriend.

I haven’t read the brand new The Female Persuasion yet; I may have to move it up on my TBR list so I can get a good idea for Greer—that small brown mouse of a girl. Any thoughts from those of you who’ve already read the book? Is there any chance she’ll look to her Big Little Lies costar Shailene Woodley? Talk to me ... I’m all ears.


  1. I also thought of Shailene Woodley. Not because I think she is small and mousy, not by any means. But because the two already have good chemistry together.

    I actually dropped by your blog to see what news you have about Jess Walter’s (or is it Walters’?) movie adaptation of Beautiful Ruins....now off to check that out.

    1. No! Shailene is not small and mousy—I love how natural her acting reads—and as you did— thought the two would work well together as they already have a relationship.
      Thanks for the reminder to check in on Beautiful Ruins! There is news and the post is up!


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