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Carey Mulligan & Jake Gyllenhaal star in Wildlife #basedonabook by Richard Ford #book2movie

Carey Mulligan stars in Wildlife

Paul Dano—we loved him as Beach Boy Brian Wilson and as Pierre in War and Peacehas gone behind the camera with his film Wildlife. His directorial debut is based on Richard Ford’s novel and stars Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ed Oxenbould and Bill Camp. 

Jake Gyllenhaal plays husband Joe Brinson in the family drama

The family drama had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and is set to screen at Cannes. We first heard about Dano and Zoe Kazan’s collaboration—they wrote the adaptation of Ford’s novel together—back in 2016 when we learned neither of the actor/writer/directors has an on-camera part. 

Let’s look at the book
The setting is Great Falls, Montana, where the Rockies end and where, in 1960, the promise of good times seems as limitless as the sweep of the prairies beyond. This is where the Brinson family hopes to find a better life. Instead, sixteen-year-old Joe Brinson watches his parents discover the limits of their marriage and, at the same time, the unexpected depths of dignity and courage that remain even when love dies.

The release date isn’t set but it looks to be sometime this fall. In time for award season?  


  1. Looks dramatic, I'd watch it! haven't read the book.

  2. I'm reading the book right now - do not want to see a movie made from it as it is the way it is written that is wonderful!

    1. Good to know! I looked for a copy at a small bookstore last week and they didn't carry it. Based on your good words I'll try harder. Thanks.

  3. Our library had a copy and our library has interlibrary loan so if there is a copy in the United States I can access it - have gotten ones from Alaska and the east coast before - wonderful thing, the library - for me!

    1. Excellent idea! I don't know if you do instagram or not but if you do, you know I'm a huge fan of libraries too! Honestly, who can afford to buy all the books they want to read? I know I can't! Anyway, I'm lucky because my local library is about a 15 minute walk plus, as you indicated, I can go online and put a hold on the book. Sometimes my reading pile gets a bit crowded though. I am finishing up The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters (library book) with The House of Broken Angels up next except it's new and only on loan for 7 days and I think my week is up. Also from my library book bag, Wendy Wasserstein's Elements of Style. I wish I was a faster reader!


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