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Beautiful Ruins: I'm Dream Casting Clive Owen as Richard Burton

With thanks to Emily at As The Crowe Flies and Reads for the reminder, here’s a mini-update on the Beautiful Ruins movie based on the book by Jess Walter.
Beautiful Ruins revolves around an American actress who travels to Italy in 1962, where production on the most expensive flop in Hollywood history, Cleopatra, is underway. The plot spans multiple decades and locations, with the lead actress’ narrative intertwining with the trajectory of legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor, who played the titular Queen of Egypt in the real-life Joseph L. Mankiewicz epic and famously had an affair with her Cleopatra costar Richard Burton.

God, I love this book. Especially the part of the novel featuring Dee Moray as an actress filming in Italy on the Cleopatra movie starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. The glamorous 50s film world on the coast of Italy really tugs at me. 

At some point Sam Mendes was attached to direct, at another Imogen Poots was cast in the part of Dee with Todd Field directing. But as often happens, nothing happened. Now, we’re getting a little action. The news is Mendes will still produce but Robert Frankel (The Devil Wears Prada) will direct. 

According to Deadline, the intention is to start shooting this summer! I’m a little worried that the long wait will skew my expectations all but guaranteeing disappointment. That being said, I’m up to play the casting game. 

I’m casting my vote for Clive Owen to play Richard Burton in Beautiful Ruins

 As for Pasquale, how about Oscar Isaac? It’s been so long since I read the book, I forget how young a man Pasquale is when he meets Dee and falls in love with her. 

I’m trusting you to let me know but, yep, I’m going to have to reread the book.

In terms of Dee herself, the list of twenty-something actors to play the young actress who gets caught up in the drama is endless. What are your thoughts on who should play the critical role of Dee? The beautiful young actress who plays a handmaiden to Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra is a sympathetic character who has our heart from the get-go? I’m all ears.