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Still Alice starring Oscar winner Julianne Moore will make you cry #Saturday Matinee #book2movies

Waiting for Bel Canto? Me too. The good news is that the production has wrapped filming which means there’s a good chance the movie will come out this year as planned. I’m thinking right in time for award season in the fall. In the meantime, if you’re Jonesing for a Julianne Moore movie, Still Alice, based on the book by Lisa Genova is the film that won Moore her Best Actress Oscar. And it’s available to stream on Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, GooglePlay and iTunes. Sadly Still Alice is not currently available to stream on Netflix. With one week to go until this year’s Oscars, it feels like a fitting choice.

Julianne Moore won that year—2014—over Marion Cotillard for Two Days, One Night, Felicity Jones for The Theory of Everything, Rosamund Pike for Gone Girl and Reese Witherspoon for Wild. All great films, all great female actresses but it was Moore’s tremendously affecting performance as a woman with early onset Alzheimer’s that captured the prize. It was Julianne Moore’s year. 

I might be biased because my mother was afflicted with Alzheimer’s and the movie hit me like a ton of bricks. I shared my extremely personal take on the Still Alice here. Still, it remains an extraordinary film featuring an exquisite performance by Kristen Stewart as Alice’s daughter with Alec Baldwin as her husband.

Warning: Today’s Saturday Matinee will make you cry

Here’s the trailer ...