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Peter Rabbit starring James Corden, Domhnall Gleeson & Rose Byrne: My take on the movie [Review] #book2movies

I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about seeing Peter Rabbit, the modern day twist based on Beatrix Potter’s classic characters. Watching the trailer, seeing the rabbits trying to get the better of Farmer McGregor—bits like Domhnall Gleeson repeatedly treading on and hitting himself in the face with a rake Peter has strategically placed—reminded me of a Home Alone ripoff. All that frenetic running around; it looked exhausting. And obviously, it’s a kids movie so what, really, could it offer someone like me?

I’ll let the tweet I posted just after seeing the film sum it up.

Yes, we loved it. James Corden is so dynamic as the voice of Peter, his voice so able to run the scale of manic crazy rabbit to tender wounded bunny that your heart runs right along with him. The CGI is masterful, the wild action, the bunnies all believable. But when it comes to the rabbits, it really is all about Corden and while  big name actresses Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridley and Elizabeth Debicki voice Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail, I had no idea which was which and who was who. And it mattered not a bit. 

Sorry, ladies but it’s all about Peter and the humans who fall in love; Domhnall Gleeson, who inherits his Uncle McGregor’s farm, and Rosemary Byrne as Bea, the girl next door. Much to Peter Rabbit’s chagrin. Peter wants not just McGregor’s farm produce to himself, he wants the affection and attention of Bea as well. 

Rose Byrne as Bea with all the bunnies

Director Will Gluck and co-writer Rob Lieber have created an irreverent iteration of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit, full of fresh, sassy characters for today’s sophisticated kids. The script is full of multi-generational laughs and the message of love and kindness at its core, so gently delivered, even the most jaded of 8 year olds will be touched. As will the parental types who tag along. 

I think Beatrix Potter would be pleased.
5 out 5 carrots folks.

Here’s the trailer. The movie is better.