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5 Books Coming to the Screen this Month #book2movies

February 9: The Mercy

Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy. Colin Firth is A Single Man.  Colin Firth broke my heart in Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyColin Firth is everything I love about Love, Actually. So there is no bloody way in hell I will not be seeing The Mercy. Bring on your reviews, good or bad, I will ignore. So. Colin Firth stars in the story of yachtsman Donald Crowhurst’s disastrous attempt to win the 1968 Golden Globe Race ends up with him creating an outrageous account of traveling the world alone by sea. Rachel Weisz costars as Crowhurst’s wife. I like her too. Just not as passionately.

Feb 9: Peter Rabbit

This could be crazy good. Or it could be just crazy. Live action/animation hybrid adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s classic tale of a rebellious rabbit trying to sneak into a farmer McGregor’s vegetable garden. James Corden voices Peter Rabbit while Domhnall Gleeson plays Mr. McGregor. Sia adds her voice to those of Daisy Ridley, Margot Robbie & Elizabeth Debicki in bunnyland while Rose Burn & Sam Neil as the older Mr. McGregor join the live action cast. 

Feb 23: Annihilation 

You had me at Alex Garland. The director nails sci fi (Ex Machina, 28 Days Later, Never Let Me Go) so when you add Natalie Portman & Oscar Isaac, I’m in for this adaptation of Jeff Vanderdermeer’s story about a biologist (Portman) who signs up for a dangerous expedition where the laws of nature don’t apply.

February 23: Every Day  

Opening the same weekend but to a younger market than Annihilation, Every Day is based on the YA romantic fantasy novel by David Levithan. Maria Bello stars along with Angourie Rice as the 16 year old girl who falls in love with a spirit who becomes something different ... every day.

Feb 23:  The War with Grandpa

I can’t say I’m really looking forward to this one in which Robert De Niro stars as grandpa while Oakes Fegley plays Peter, a boy who hates having to share his room with the old man. The ‘comedy’ comes from the two battling it out. The film also stars Jane Seymour, Uma Thurman, Christopher Walken, Rob Riggle & Cheech Marin. Warning: There are 5 writers listed under screenwriter. Never a good sign, is it?
There’s no poster, there’s no pictures. There’s no US release date—the date listed is for the UK, could it be we’ll never see it here in the USA? 

What other books are coming to the screen in 2018?
I’m glad you asked.