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Jennifer Lawrence is a Russian Spy in Red Sparrow

The trailer for Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence (not usually high up on my list) Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Mary Louise Parker, Charlotte Rampling & Jeremy Irons just hit the net and I’m thinking I might finally become a JLaw fan. Her Russian accent sounds impeccable, and physically, she looks and feels like a Russian. Or at least how we have come to expect our cinematic Russian spies to look. She’s surrounded by a first class group of actors and the concept is a no-brainer.

The film, on our list of 2018’s Movies Based on Books, is written by Justin Haythe (Revolutionary Road, A Cure for Wellness) and based on the spy thriller by Jason Matthews. 

Here’s the basic set up for the movie
Ballerina Dominika Egorova is recruited to 'Sparrow School' a Russian intelligence service where she is forced to use her body as a weapon. But her first mission, targeting a CIA agent, threatens to unravel the security of both nations.
The notion of Russian spies is hot right now, the idea of Komromat, Pee tapes and Russian ‘prostitutes’ should stir this honeypot into a moneymaker. 

Have you read the book? Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.