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Behind the Scenes of The Alienist with Actress Dakota Fanning

I’m hooked. I’ve watched episode one of The Alienist starring Daniel Bruhl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning twice now and plan on sticking around for all ten. So far the series is different from the book which is told from the perspective of John Moore, a New York based reporter played by Luke Evans. As I mentioned in my review, in the TV series, at least in episode one, Moore is simply an illustrator who criminal psychologist Dr. Kreizler (Bruhl) needs to depict the crime scenes that the police won’t give him access to. Perhaps Moore begins writing about the crimes in future episodes. 

You can read a few more details about The Alienist, based on the book by Caleb Carr, on this previous The Alienist review post. Or go directly to this very short behind the scenes featurette highlighting Fanning as Sara Howard, the first female to join NYPD, albeit as a secretary. She’s spunky, smart and ready to get involved, not just with solving the crime but possibly with Moore. 

The 10 episode series focuses on the solving of one crime, chances are if ratings are good they can cook up some additional crimes.