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The Best Christmas Movies Ever: James Franco & SNL

James Franco (seen here on SNL) stars in & directs The Disaster Artist

Christmas is almost here and sure, I’ve got a stocking full of screeners to watch—not to mention end of year wrap ups to write—but who has time or the inclination? I’m in the mood to watch a Christmas movie but as my husband and I recently discovered I gave our only copy of A Christmas Story to our son for the holidays. One of our favorites, we couldn’t find it on a streaming service anywhere. We’d already watched Miracle on 34th Street (Thanksgiving) Scrooged the night before and we looked everywhere but Love Actually was nowhere in sight. I didn't even try to find It’s a Wonderful Life. I know when I’m licked. We could have settled for one of the dozens of movies made especially for the season, a sleigh full of films we’d never heard of, the kind of movies SNL spoofed in this sketch featuring James Franco (star of the upcoming Disaster Artist) and which was cut, might I add. Instead we watched a Norwegian film called Rare Export: A Christmas Tale which is showing up on a lot of Best Christmas Movie lists this year. Um. Not ours. Anyway, here’s that SNL sketch we all missed.