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Julianne Moore is going to be a real diva in Bel Canto #book2movies


I shared this tweet this morning, birthday wishes for Julianne Moore who celebrates her 57th birthday today. 57 and still gorgeous after all these years! Chances are that’s an honest 57, as one of the quotes I dug up, casts the idea of facelifts and Botox in a negative light.

I don't know why women do Botox. It doesn't make them look younger, it just makes them look like they had work done. You are not going to look the same as you did at 25.
Moore seems to be gifted with lucky genes because she really does still look beautiful, beautiful enough to play the glorious Roxanne Coss in Bel Canto, a diva in the nicest sense of the word. I hope Moore can sing, I would be devastated if she didn’t encapsulate the opera singer’s heart-stopping talent. 

She did sing in the wonderful What Maisie Knew (above) which isn’t exactly the same thing. I believe she can do it though, I trust in Moore’s ability and judgement. I don’t think she’d take on the role if she couldn’t. It’s too late to ponder those questions now, the film has been shot—mainly in Mexico— and is in postproduction now. 
A world-renown opera singer becomes trapped in a hostage situation when she's invited to perform for a wealthy industrialist in South America.

UPDATE 5/8/2018

According to Variety, Opera legend Renée Fleming contributes vocals to the film. So that settles that! I wonder if Moore sings at all???

Bel Canto, one of my favorite Ann Patchett books—although to be honest I drool over every single word she writes, I've just finished Commonwealth and for me Patchett never fails to capture the quintessential and painful loveliness of all life’s fleeting little moments like no one else—is coming to the screen sometime next year. 

Ken Watanabe is playing Mr. Hosakawa the opera superfan whose birthday is the occasion that brings Coss to South America. You read the book, right? So you know they fall in love, and you know what happens as their romance develops under the watchful eyes of their captors. Gen Watanabe (not to be confused with Ken Watanabe!) is played by Ryo Case while Christopher Lambert plays the wealthy industrialist who hosts the party. 

One thing I take away from this book is to NEVER go to a huge, big deal of a party where powerful people are gathered together in the middle of a jungle. It just ain’t a good idea.

Are you a Patchett fan? Looking forward to this one or scared to death they’ll blow it?