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Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot ... travels to Berlin for the International Film Fest in February

While everyone is busy sizing up this year’s best and worsts, the beat goes on with new films constantly in the works. Joaquin Phoenix’s starring turn in Don’t WorryHe Won’t Get Far on Foot adds a trip to the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) in February after making its debut at Sundance in January.

The Logline 

John Callahan, a cartoonist left a quadriplegic after a drunk driving accident (he was driving) who struggles to retain his humor and continue his work. 
Based on Callahan’s memoirs, the film was directed by Gus Van Sant and co-stars Rooney Mara, Jonah Hill, Jack Black and Mark Webber. 

About the book

Is it possible to find humor -- corrosive, taboo-shattering, laugh-till-you-cry humor -- in the story of a 38-year-old- cartoonist who's both a quadriplegic and a recovering alcoholic? The answer is yes, if the cartoonist is John Callahan -- whose infamous work has graced the pages of Omni, Penthouse, and The New Yorker -- and if he's telling it in his own words and pictures. But Callahan's uncensored account of his troubled -- and sometimes impossible -- life is also genuinely inspiring. Without self-pity or self-righteousness, this liberating book tells us how a quadriplegic with a healthy libido has sex, what it's like to live in the exitless maze of the welfare system, where a cartoonist finds his comedy, and how a man with no reason to believe in anything discovers his own brand of faith.

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