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Big Little Lies is coming back!

I was shocked & thrilled to read this tweet from Reese Witherspoon. I actually had to double check that I wasn't being had! But it’s all true. Big Little Lies is coming back with a second season. No surprise that author Liane Moriarty isn’t terribly involved with this new iteration.

The new season is “partly based on a story’’ by Moriarty, with screenwriter David E. Kelley writing the new series. As Moriarty has said all along, Big Little Lies was a stand alone novel, never intended to be followed up. BUT we the people have spoken, we’ve taken it out of her hands, and handed it to David E. Kelley to write.

"I'm thrilled to be bringing back this talented team of artists," said Witherspoon in a statement provided by HBO. "It gives us the opportunity to delve deeper into the lives of these intriguing and intricate Monterey families and bring more of their stories back to the audience who embraced and championed them."
And that’s true. These characters, who we first fell in love with in the novel were truly transformative when the readers of the book and the much, much larger community of television viewers got to know them over the course of the season. Many of us hollered for a sequel simply because we didn’t want to move away from that glorious neighborhood filled with fascinating women and families and their myriad problems. No wonder the show understandably won 8 Emmy awards out of its 16 nominations.

Kidman said in a statement that the second installment of the so-called limited series was "inspired by the overwhelming response by audiences around the world."
"What a journey this has been," she said. " I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to keep exploring these female characters and make this series with my friends."
Unfortunately director Jean Marc Vallee won’t be back as 

director but on the good news front, is being replaced by a woman; Andrea Arnold a British actor/writer who has helmed several episodes of Transparent and I Love Dick will will direct.

My photo of Bixby Bridge from my Instagram account Follow me?

I know I’m looking forward to driving over that bridge every week and hearing that gorgeous theme song by Michael Kiwanuka. How about you?