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The Hollywood Reporter Actress Roundtable: The Women On Equal Pay & Harassment in Hollywood #book2movies #TimesUp *

The Hollywood Reporter has started releasing short snippets of their Roundtables which they publish in full in February, closer to the Oscar awards.

This year THR gathered Mary J. Blige (Mudbound), Jennifer Lawrence (Mother) Saoirse Ronan (Lady Bird) Emma Stone (Battle of the Sexes) Allison Janney and Jessica Chestain (Molly’s Game) for the Actress Roundtable. Naturally the subject of the continuing state of inequality and mens’ harassment of women came up. Each of these video is about 5 minutes long, focusing on each of these remarkable women. 

I love what Jessica Chastain shares from a conversation with Aaron Sorkin, the writer/director of Molly's Game. He had been telling his young daughter to scream and shout and defend herself if a man ever tried to take advantage. She asked him why he was teaching her to defend herself instead of teaching these guys not to be creeps. Watch.