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Murder on the Orient Express: Set Design #book2movies

Everyone Is A Suspect

Luckily, none of these actors have been accused of sexual assault or harassment. 

Another day, another round of allegations. Kevin Spacey is being cut from a film set for release in December. Charlie Sheen denies he abused Corey Haim when the actor was just 13. Jeffery Tambor has been accused of sexually assaulting his assistant. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world. Make that it’s a sad, sad, sad, sad world.

In that light, looking for some light relief, I’m ignoring the critics who seem universally opposed to Murder on the Orient Express and going to see the film when it opens here in LA tonight. It’s not just critics, a friend who saw an early screening said, and I quote, Agatha Christie will be rolling over in her grave. On the other hand, another friend gave it high marks and said she even got used to Kenneth Branagh’s moustache.

That being said, check out this mini featurette highlighting the set design. I’m hoping the set design, the glorious costumes, a story as comfortable as an old shoe will make for an entertaining couple of hours and an evening out with my husband tonight. Sometimes, that’s really all one needs in a film.