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First US Trailer for Stratton starring Dominic Cooper #book2movies

An American trailer for the British film Stratton starring Dominic Cooper has just been released. The film about a British Special Boat Service commando who tracks down an international terrorist cell threatening London is inspired by the book series by Duncan Falconer. Falconer himself is a former Special Service Boat Commando and writes from first hand experience. 

I’m not sure that Dominic Cooper has the star power to bring in US audiences and the reviews in the UK were not kind. 

The Telegraph called Cooper “lethally bland’’ and the movie a ‘‘dull flop’’ while the Guardian called it ‘‘moderately silly’’. A shame since if the movie did well, there is a whole series of titles waiting to be adapted. I haven’t heard of the book series which sounds like a genre my husband might be more interested in than I am. Are there any Falconer fans out there? Stratton which opened in the UK and Europe this past September opens in select US theaters + on VOD starting January 5th, 2018. Interested?