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A Discovery of Witches: The Conventicle is Complete! #book2movies

Fresh from playing Sebastian in the National Theater Company LIVE production of Twelfth Night, and DC Ashton in the British series Prime Suspect 1973, Daniel Ezra has been cast as Nathaniel Wilson in A Discovery of Witches, the BBC adaptation of Deborah Harkness’ novel starring Matthew Goode and Theresa Palmer as our lead vampire and witch. Wilson is a daemon, married to Sophie Norman—played by Aisling Lofus— a daemon with witch’s blood in her history. 

That news has Deborah Harkness readers celebrating, ‘the conventicle is complete!’ What’s a conventicle? A gathering of religious nonconformists, of a clandestine, and originally, illegal nature. Three vampires, three witches, three daemons? That ought to do it! 

“We’re a proper conventicle now, Sarah,” Sophie observed as she reached for the pyramid of freshly baked cookies on the kitchen island. “All nine—three witches, three daemons, and three vampires—present and accounted for.” Chapter 40, A Discovery of Witches

Top Row, the vampires: Matthew de Clermont (Matthew Goode) Miriam (Aiyisha Hart) Marcus (Edward Bluemel)

Center, the witches: Sarah Bishop (Alex Kingston) Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) Emily Mather (Valarie Pettiford)

Bottom Row, the daemons: Nathaniel Wilson (Daniel Ezra) Sophie Norman (Aisling Loftus) Hamish Osborne (Gregg McHugh)

With thanks to fellow Matthew Goode fan @Rosalyn51 for the share. If you want to keep abreast of A Discovery of Witches I recommend you follow Rosalyn as well as author Deborah Harkness @DebHarkness who is naturally hoping that the adaptation of A Discovery of Witches will be followed by The Shadow of Night and The Book of Life. There’s also an All Souls Trilogy wiki to help you keep your vampires and witches sorted.

British Isles Friday followers and fellow anglophiles? You’ll appreciate the British Isles setting, as the story opens in Oxford and travels around the English countryside including Wales and Scotland.

Do I have any of Deborah Harkness devotees following along with me? Give me a holler, I’d love to connect.