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Saturday Matinee: Postcards from the Edge starring Meryl Streep & Shirley Maclaine #book2movies

We are absolutely watching Postcards from the Edge for today’s Saturday Matinee. The screen adaptation of the semi-autobiographical novel was written by the book’s author, Carrie Fisher, who would have celebrated her 61st birthday today, October 21st. 

The logline:
A substance-addicted actress tries to look on the bright side even as she is forced to move back in with her mother to avoid unemployment
The 1990 film was directed by Mike Nichols and earned two Oscar nominations: a Best Actress nom for Meryl Streep—the 9th of her historic 20—plus a Best Song nomination for Shel Silverstein for I’m Checkin’ Out.  Did you have any idea that Shel (The Giving Tree) Silverstein was a composer? Because I definitely did not. The score by the way, is by Carly Simon. So many multi-talented people here!

As for Carrie Fisher, her script earned her a BAFTA Best Screenplay nomination in the Adapted category. 

About the book

When we first meet the extraordinary young actress Suzanne Vale, she’s feeling like “something on the bottom of someone’s shoe, and not even someone interesting.” Suzanne is in the harrowing and hilarious throes of drug rehabilitation, trying to understand what happened to her life and how she managed to land in a “drug hospital.”

Just as Fisher’s first film role—the precocious teenager in Shampoo—echoed her own Beverly Hills upbringing, her first book is set within the world she knows better than anyone else: Hollywood. This stunning literary debut chronicles Suzanne’s vivid, excruciatingly funny experiences inside the clinic and as she comes to terms with life in the outside world. Postcards from the Edge is more than a book about stardom and drugs. It is a revealing look at the dangers—and delights—of all our addictions, from money and success to sex and insecurity.

Postcards from the Edge which also stars Shirley Maclaine and a ridiculously young Dennis Quaid is available to stream on Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Vudu and GooglePlay.