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The French-dubbed trailer for American Made proves it: Tom Cruise is magnifique! #book2movies

Tom Cruise as Barry Seal in American Made

I had no idea that American Made starring Tom Cruise,  Domhnall Gleeson and Sarah Wright was based on a book. A true story documented in a book. My husband and I saw the movie today and to my happy surprise it is. 

It’s a wild, improbable but yes, true story, about an American pilot enlisted by the CIA to fly drugs and weapons in and out of Central America. 

Tom Cruise is the pilot and he is out of this world,  irrepressible, charismatic and appealing as ever. You can see for yourself, Cruise looks as fit and in shape as ever. Domhnall Gleeson is fine as the straight-faced American CIA handler, as is Sarah Wright as Tom’s mostly unsuspecting wife. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Barry Seal makes so much money he and his wife don’t know what to do with it. 

The cinematography by C├ęsar Charlone (The Constant Gardeneris another standout bringing a late 70’s early 80’s vibe with super saturated bright colors. The director is Doug Liman, the man behind the Bourne movies as well as Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow—one of the most popular movies with visitors to Chapter1-Take1.

Set in a world where crime and government coexist, American Made is the jaw-dropping true story of CIA pilot Barry Seal that the Hollywood movie starring Tom Cruise isn’t afraid to tell.
Barry Seal flew cocaine and weapons worth billions of dollars into and out of America in the 1980s. After he became a government informant, Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel offered a million for him alive and half a million dead. But his real trouble began after he threatened to expose the dirty dealings of George HW Bush.
American Made rips the roof off Bush and Clinton's complicity in cocaine trafficking in Mena, Arkansas.
"American Made really captures the big picture of my dad's story" - Aaron Seal, Barry Seal's son
"A conspiracy of the grandest magnitude" - Congressman Bill Alexander on the Mena affair
Shaun Attwood's WAR ON DRUGS SERIES - PABLO ESCOBAR, AMERICAN MADE, WE ARE BEING LIED TO and THE CALI CARTEL - are harrowing, action-packed and interlinked true stories that demonstrate the devastating consequences of drug prohibition.

For my friends Dreaming of France, here’s the trailer dubbed into French. You’ll notice the title has been changed.

And in english.
No holds barred, a fun movie.