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The Motion Picture Academy Museum—like something out of Blade Runner 2049—is taking shape. #book2movies

Some of you may know this, others frankly don’t give a damn my dear, but I live across the street from the future Museum of Motion Picture Arts & Science. Not sure if they have a snazzy new name, but on twitter they’re calling it the #AcademyMuseum. I love the futuristic form, something we might actually see in Blade Runner 2049. I really can’t wait for 2019. 

I’ve been watching  from the start when all we had were sketches and taking the occasional picture myself, since we do live so close. Recently, as the dome itself has been taking shape, I’ve grown more and more excited. 

The museum opens in 2019 which may seem like a long way away but will be here before we all know it. Make plans to be in LA, and hey, let’s do lunch!

Is it about time Los Angeles had a museum devoted to the movies or what? 

Anyway, today the Academy released a video announcing some exciting progress so I had to share that here. Watch!