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New trailer for Darkest Hour with Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill: Move over John Lithgow #book2movies

Move over John Lithgow! You were fantastic in The Crown but it’s time to step aside. 

There is a ton of Oscar buzz about Gary Oldman’s star turn as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour coming to theaters on November 22. The actor’s physical transformation is jaw-dropping. Check out the trailer below.

Directed by Joe Wright, the acclaimed director of Atonement as well as the controversial Anna Karenina, Darkest Hour also stars Lily James, Ben Mendelsohn, Kristen Scott Thomas and Samuel West. The screenplay was written by BAFTA winning writer of The Theory of Everything Anthony McCarten, based on his own book.

From the acclaimed novelist and screenwriter of The Theory of Everything comes a revelatory look at the period immediately following Winston Churchill’s ascendancy to Prime Minister—soon to be a major motion picture starring Gary Oldman.
“He was speaking to the nation, the world, and indeed to history...”
 May, 1940. Britain is at war. The horrors of blitzkrieg have seen one western European democracy after another fall in rapid succession to Nazi boot and shell. Invasion seems mere hours away.
Just days after becoming Prime Minister, Winston Churchill must deal with this horror—as well as a skeptical King, a party plotting against him, and an unprepared public. Pen in hand and typist-secretary at the ready, how could he change the mood and shore up the will of a nervous people?
In this gripping day-by-day, often hour-by-hour account of how an often uncertain Churchill turned Britain around, the celebrated Bafta-winning writer Anthony McCarten exposes sides of the great man never seen before. He reveals how he practiced and re-wrote his key speeches, from ‘Blood, toil, tears and sweat’ to ‘We shall fight on the beaches’; his consideration of a peace treaty with Nazi Germany, and his underappreciated role in the Dunkirk evacuation; and, above all, how 25 days helped make one man an icon.
Using new archive material, McCarten reveals the crucial behind-the-scenes moments that changed the course of history. It’s a scarier—and more human—story than has ever been told.
By the way, I’m pretty sure that first time we see Churchillwith his two fingers up, he’s not flashing the Victory sign. I think that’s the Euro version of Up Yours!

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