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The Snowman starring Michael Fassbender: Don't watch this trailer #book2movies

I really wish Hollywood would find another way to promote films rather than giving the whole movie away on the trailers. Do it the way Alfred Hitchcock used to do it vis a vis the trailer for Psycho or this vintage trailer for The Birds.

Unfortunately I have it on good authority that this trailer for The Snowman gives it all away. If you’ve read the Norwegian crime thriller by Jo Nesbo, fine. You know what to expect, part of the fun is seeing how what you’ve read on the page is translated to the screen. 

But what about the movie goers who haven’t read the book? (You still have plenty of time) I hate when trailers give you the beginning, middle and the end, don’t you?

The Snowman starring Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson and Chloe Sevigny is one of the October releases (based on a book) we are most looking forward to. The movie comes out October 20th. Watch for the full list to pop up in the next few days. It’s that time of the month.