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WINNER ANNOUNCED! Into the Water by Paula Hawkins: Book GIVEAWAY!!

Announcing Lucy’s Library GiveAway

Like many of us, my neighbor Lucy is an avid reader. I can’t speak for you, but unlike me, Lucy is not a book hoarder. When I buy a book, I'm loathe to part with it. I love having it nearby on my bookshelves where I can see it, touch it, remember it. You too?

Lucy is a far more generous minded woman. She'll stop by from time to time, a book or two in hand. Books she's giving to me.

‘‘Here,’’ she’ll say. ‘‘Enjoy! Oh and I don’t want them back’’ Lucy will add. ‘‘When you’re finished reading them, please pass them on.’’

Deal. I’ve decided to pass them on to you, dear reader.

First up, Into the Water by Paula Hawkins. 
Hardback. Good condition, no folded pages, no underlining, no highlighted passages. If you like I can forge Paula Hawkins’ signature. Okay, that’s my lame attempt at a joke.

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WINNER "Silly Girl" has been announced. Please come back often for news of the next giveaway.

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My take one Into the Water