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Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods ... Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin all grown up #book2movies

Well, there's no little black rain cloud hovering over Winnie the Pooh now! We've talked about Domhnall Gleeson playing the A.A. Milne in Goodbye Christopher Robin, a film about the relationship between father and son, due out October 13th. 

In case you hadn't heard, there's another Winnie the Pooh film in the works. Ewan McGregor is going to play Christopher Robin, all grown up, in the movie of the same name. 

The film is slated as a live action version of the Winnie the Pooh stories:
An adult Christopher Robin who is now focussed on his new life, work and family suddenly meets his old friend Winnie the Pooh who comes right back into his unforgotten childhood past to help him come back to the hundred acre wood and help find his lost friends. 
In preproduction now, the script is ready after three tries from Tom McCarthy (Spotlight), Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up, Philip) and Allison Schroeder (Hidden Figures) and with director Marc Forster on board, shooting should begin this summer. Checking out the film's imdb listing the art department is busy building sets, and the first AD is on but besides McGregor no other casting decisions seem to have been made. Gemma Arterton was in talks with Disney to play Christopher's wife but she's out. 

Can't imagine this film coming out before 2018. As a fan of that lovely old, tubby old bear, and Ewan McGregor's I'll be following the film's progress as closely as I can. 

Are you ready to come along to the 100 acre woods with us?