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I Love Dick: A tool of the Matriarchal Revolution #book2movies

Ladies, we are having a moment. After years of living with faux equality—we thought that just because we could have sex with the same freedom men did, meant that we were judged equally, that we were paid equally—we seem to have woken up, and we’ve woken up with a passion. Thanks to computer hacks where we learned that even highly paid female stars are not paid as much as men, thanks to the pussy grabbing behavior of dinosaurs, epitomized by men like Cosby and Trump and O’Reilly, who believe powerful men can get away with anything, we’ve seen the light. We’re not going to let the guys continue with their bad boy behavior because we’re afraid of the repercussions. We’re taking our lives back into our own hands. In short, feminism is back in fashion. 

Hence, we have feminist programs like The Handmaid’s Tale coming to Amazon April 26th. Female empowered dramas like Big Little Lies on HBO that held the country hostage every Sunday night. The still running FuedBetty and Joan on FX, that reveals Hollywood’s obsession with age and beauty, an obsession that continues to drive the way we as women perceive ourselves.

Next up: I Love Dick. The new series is coming to Amazon via Transparent creator Jill Soloway who calls it “a tool of the Matriarchal Revolution.” 
I Love Dick is about the feminist movement, and it’s about the female gaze, and it’s about toppling the patriarchy, and saying ‘suck it’ to all men who would ask women not to have their loudest voice.’’
“Some people think of this book as the invention of the female gaze in literature,” Soloway said of feminist author Chris Kraus’ novel, on which the show is based.

About the series

In the show, Kathryn Hahn stars as a version of Kraus, a New York filmmaker who travels to Marfa, Texas with her academic husband (Griffin Dunne) for an artist’s residency, then finds herself sucked right into world of local art instructor, the charismatic cowboy Dick (Kevin Bacon).

About the book

When Chris Kraus, a 39 year old experimental filmmaker, falls in love with Dick __, a cultural critic, she writes him 200 letters. But because she is married and embarrassed and afraid to lose her husband, she invites him to collaborate. And her husband, the theorist and critic Sylvere Lotringer, complies. Strategically confessional, I Love Dick is a real-life chronicle of Kraus' desperate attempt to get adolescent romance right for the first time.
Want to watch the trailer? Of course you do!