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The Lost City of Z: Check out Charlie Hunnam 'speaking French' in the dubbed trailer #book2movies

From what I gather, Charlie Hunnam has a growing female fan base. I’ve got a hunch that hearing Hunnam dubbed into French for the bande annonce will only make their numbers multiply. The trailer comes without subtitles but from what we know about the movie, Hunnam as real world Col. Percival Fawcett is exhorting the government to fund his mission to find The Lost City of Z.  The trailer also previews some of the adventures he shared with Henry Costin (Robert Pattinson—another big fan base) before he ultimately disappears into the Amazon.

The Lost City of Z was released in France on March 10th, in the UK on March 24th. We get it here in the U.S. on April 14th. 

What's the buzz, is it “an immediate classic” “transformative and profound’’? 

Is it a “lush jungle adventure’’ per the Guardian or a “snoozesome journey into the jungle’’ as the Evening Standard says. 

And did anyone read the book by David Grann? 

Directed by James Gray who gave us the gorgeous The Immigrant, I had high hopes especially with a strong cast which, in addition to two popular young male leads, includes Sienna Miller, Tom Holland, Daniel Huttlestone (the little charmer from Les Miz) and Franco Nero.

Regardez le bande annonce!

What do you think of the trailer, my friends Dreaming of France today?