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Six Book-to-Movies to Watch this Month #book2movies

 Six movies based on books hitting the screen this month. And ladies, three of them are directed by women! 


March 3: Before I Fall *

Based on the YA book by Lauren Oliver, the movie stars Zoey Deutch and Jennifer Beals. Directed by Ry Russo-Young *
“February 12 is just another day in Sam's charmed life until it turns out to be her last. Stuck reliving her last day over one inexplicable week, Sam untangles the mystery around her death and discovers everything she's in danger of losing.’’


March 10: Trainspotting 2 

The boys are back in town! Ewan McGregor and all the original actors from Trainspotting along with director Danny Boyle are reuniting for the sequel looseley based on John Hodges novel Porno, which has the guys meet up again 20 years later. From the looks of things, life isn't all that much better.  Watch the Trainspotting 2 trailer.


March 10: The Sense of an Ending

The story of a man coming to terms with the past. Jim Broadbent stars as Tony Webster suddenly confronted with truths from his past he's long forgotten.The always excellent Charlotte Rampling is Webster's wife. Based on the 201 book by Julian Barnes, the novel is said to be "laced with his trademark precision, dexterity and insight." 


March 17 : Beauty and the Beast

The classic tale of Belle and the monster she falls in love with. The adaptation of the French fairy tale set to music ala the Broadway production with Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Ewan McGregor as  Lumiere, Ian McKelland as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts. 


March 24: Their Finest  *

Based on Lissa Evans WWII period novel about a British copy writer drafted into the Ministry of Information to help write women into propaganda films for the war. Something that apparently men are not very good at. The point is to convince American women to enthusiastically support England's war effort. The movie stars Gemma Arterton and Sam Claflin thrown together to work on a film about Dunkirk with Bill Nighy starring in it. Watch the trailer for Their Finest. Directed by Lone Scherfig *


March 31: The Zookeeper’s Wife  *

Set in 1939 war-torn Poland, Jessica Chastain stars as Antonina Żabiński, who helped her husband Dr. Jan Żabiński (Johan Heldenbergh) run the Warswaw Zoo. As the country is invaded by Nazis & Jews are ripped from their homes, Antonina convinces her husband to use the zoo to hide escaped Jews. Their mission becomes more dangerous under the suspicious eye of the Reich’s  chief zoologist, Lutz Heck (Daniel Brühl). Watch the trailer. Directed by Niki Caro. *

* Directed by a woman

I can’t wait for Beauty and the Beast, Their Finest, and The Zookeper’s Wife. How about you?