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Beauty & the Beast: Hear the music #book2movies

Dan Stevens, the beast transformed

John Legend and Ariane Grande sound gorgeous together on the trailer for Beauty and the Beast. 

Beauty and the Beast opens Friday, March 17
Here, several songs from the soundtrack, released by Disney to whet your appetite.

The most recent song released is How Does a Moment Last Forever by Celine Dion. It’s one of three new songs crafted by Alan Mencken and Tim Rice for the Disney movie. Apparently it’s playing over the ending credits too.

I wish I liked it as much as I love Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts singing the iconic Beauty & the Beast (Tale as Old as Time) theme song. 

Hard to believe this is Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens as the Beast—I didn't expect him to have such a rich, deep singing voice! Evermore was newly created for the film. Disney has also released a version by Josh Groban. Listen to both, see which one you like better. Groban’s version plays over the closing credits.

Another of the new songs composed by Alan Mencken and Tim Rice is called Days in the Sun. Described as a lullaby, the song features the castle’s enchanted objects remembering what their lives were like before they were cursed.

And finally, the finale.