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The Hollywood Reporters Roundtable: The Actors *

As we’re nearing this Sunday’s Oscar telecast I wanted to share another THR roundtable, this one features the men. It opens with a rather adorable Andrew Garfield hesitant to speak, knowing how pretentious actors talking about acting sound. Garfield does an amazing job in Martin Scorsese’s Silence for which he and the film were ignored—I didn’t care for the film—while Hacksaw Ridge is just out of this world so powerful it can’t be ignored. Hacksaw Ridge is nominated for 6 Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Garfield, Best Picture, and Best Director for Mel Gibson. It really is a remarkable film about a remarkable man.

Casey Affleck is the other Best Actor nominee present. Affleck is probably my choice to win for his devastating performance in Manchester by the Sea. That viewpoint got muddied when I saw Denzel Washington in Fences, another hugely emotional gripping performance, such a tour de force. Washington is not present.

 The remaining actors are nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category: Dev Patel, for his performance in the beautiful Lion (although it’s hard not to think the young actor, Sunny Pawar, who plays the little lost boy ought to have been nominated too) Jeff Bridges for Hell or High Water—also nominated for Best Picture and this year, the only one I haven’t seen! Lastly Mahersali Ali nominated for Moonlight, one of the movies who might take the Oscar home.

Also present is Joseph Gordon Levitt, most recently seen in Snowden, neither the film or Levitt are nominated but he brings some political interest to the discussion.

Hope you enjoy listening to these guys sitting around talking the biz, revealing a few fears about working as actors, as much as I do.