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Remember The Beguiled starring Clint Eastwood? I'm adding the remake to my must see list.

Thank you Sofia Coppola! As a female filmmaker you know what women want. Smart move giving us a remake of The Beguiled, based on the book originally titled A Painted Devil by Thomas Cullinan. 

Some of us ‘girls’ remember the first time around for the Southern gothic story of an injured Union soldier imprisoned in a Confederate girls’ boarding school. As he worms his way into each of the women’s hearts, they begin to turn on each other and eventually on him. In that iteration a sexy 41 year old Clint Eastwood starred as John McBurney with Geraldine Page as the house mother and a bevy of young and beautiful actresses all swoony over the wounded soldier.

In the upcoming film Colin Farrell takes on the part of the injured McBurney with Nicole Kidman playing house mother Martha Farnsworth with Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst as Carol and Edwina, vying for McBurney’s attention. Among the other girls in the cast are the young Australian actress Anjourie Rice (The Nice Guys) and Oona Lawrence (young Tiffany in Orange is the New Black). If the film stays true to its predecessor, it will be Lawrence as young Amy who shares a kiss with McBurney. THAT will set the internet on fire.

It’s an old trope, the idea of a women fighting over a beguiling man, incurring a wrath of jealousy. I’m curious to see how a contemporary female filmmaker views it. The Beguiled is set for release June 23.

Might be worth reading the book first, what do you think?
This very seventies trailer will give you a good idea of the original movie’s vibe.

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The Beguiled is making its debut at Cannes!