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Isabelle Huppert stepping into Jeanne Moreau's sexy stilettos

Congrats to Isabelle Huppert, in her sixties, just for being in the Best Actress conversation. While the average age of female Oscar winners is 36, Huppert is a favorite to win the Academy Award ... and for a french language film! 

More than that, I’m loving that Isabelle Huppert, a woman my age, is being seen as a sexual being. Yes, Virginia, women in their sixties still have sex drives, thank you very much.

Nominated for Best Actress in Elle—being touted as a psychosexual drama—Huppert’s next project is even juicier. The French actress is stepping into the stilettos of Jeanne Moreau in Eva, based on the book by James Hadley Chase, about a dangerous femme fatale who brings a writer to his knees.

In Huppert’s version a “playwright encounters a mysterious woman when he takes shelter in a chalet during a violent snowstorm.’’ 

Gaspard Ulliel who played the young Hannibal Lechter in Hannibal Rising as well as Yves Saint Laurent also stars. 

I’ve got the trailer for the 1962 iteration of Eva with Moreau in the lead. For my fellow Dreaming of France followers, regardez!