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The Writers Speak: Tom Ford on Nocturnal Animals *

Happy New Year! 

Today’s Slacker Sunday is going to be a real quickie. While the Hollywood Reporter’s Roundtables don’t get released until after they air on the Sundance channel in February, THR does release snippets from the interviews early, to whet our appetites. 

Amy Adams & Nocturnal Animals writer/director Tom Ford via The Standard

The short 4 minute video below is an edited segment from the Writer’s Roundtable focusing on moderator Stephen Galloway’s q & a with Tom Ford, writer/director of this year’s thriller  Nocturnal Animal—Ford’s adaptation of Austin Wright’s novel Tony & Susan—starring Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Have you seen Nocturnal Animals yet? What you think of Ford’s statement that the character Amy Adams plays is him?