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At the Golden Globes 2017: Are you in the mood for a musical?

If you watched the Golden Globes you know how happy I am today. My favorite movie of the year—no, not a movie based on a book—the musical La La Land won all seven out of its seven nominations, breaking a Golden Globe record. I’ve seen La La Land three times now—twice in the theater where it thrills on the big screen—and once on TV because the hubs got a screener. So yes, last night made me very happy. 

The show’s opening—spoofing La La Land—got it just right and if you didn’t hear Meryl Streep’s moving acceptance speech for her Life Achievement Award, I’ve got that for you below. Without mentioning the president-elect by name, Streep took him down for the way he mocked the disabled journalist last year, an example of his total lack of empathy and dignity. BUT I’m trying to move forward, trying not to live with hatred in my heart, because that would mean he has really won. Enough.

Emma Watson channels Julie Andrews in this image from Beauty & the Beast

Back to my bookish world and celebrating movies based on books. On a brighter note ... did you catch the commercial during the Globes for Beauty and the Beast? I’m finally getting on board because a few things were made clear: Emma Watson can sing. She even sings in a meadow on a mountain top like Maria in The Sound of Music
The production design is clearly going to be lush and sweeping (although maybe not as visually stunning as the Beauty and the Beast picture book I had as a child.
And Luke Evans makes a very dishy bad guy. 

What do you think? Are you in the mood for a musical?