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A tiny bit of light: Amy Adams #book2movie

Remember the phrase ‘Heavy Boots’ from Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? Lately, every day feels like I’m wearing heavy boots. A cross between sad, angry, and deeply disturbed at the direction things are going I trudge through the day with a lead-lined raincoat to match. While my first inclination is to dismiss my own interest in books and movies as trivial—how can I focus on such things when people across the country are protesting?—I realize these little bits of lightness brighten my day. They help alleviate the endless worry pit. Like the California sunshine that I’m enjoying after a week of rain here in Los Angeles, no on can take that away from me. 

On a light note then, I hope you enjoy this short Vanity Fair chat with Amy Adams on working with Tom Ford and creating her character Susan in Nocturnal Animals.  

I’d hoped Adams would get an Oscar nomination for her role in Arrival, if not Nocturnal Animals but it looks like Isabelle Huppert may have nabbed her spot with her performance in Elle. The other nominees are Natalie Portman for Jackie, Meryl Streep for Florence Foster Jenkins, Ruth Negga for Loving and Emma Stone for La La Land. Stone won the SAG for La La Land which I loved, but my money is on Portman, although Ruth Negga blew me away in Loving too. Once again, when actors are working at this level, judging winners and losers is an absurdity. I really do think a celebration of the top ten films and performances, no winners, no losers, would be a more appropriate way to applaud the best movies of the year. In our competitive world, ain’t gonna happen.

Who are you rooting for come Oscar time? 
Or do you think it’s all a load of nonsense?