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Costume Design: On working with fashion designer Tom Ford on Nocturnal Animals

“I don’t work with Tom Ford the fashion designer. I work with Tom Ford the movie director.” Costume Designer Arianne Phillips, Nocturnal Animals.

I gave you my take on the movie Nocturnals Animals—certainly one of the year’s strongest movies—a little while back. We’ll be looking at the costumes more closely in a later post but today, seeing as it’s Slacker Sunday, let’s just watch the Gold Derby interview with the film’s costume designer. 

Phillips, the Oscar nominated designer for Walk the Line and W.E. also did the clothing for Tom Ford’s first foray into film, A Single Man. Notably, in Nocturnal Animals none of the characters wear Tom Ford designed clothing even though Amy Adams character, Susan Morrow and her husband played by Army Archer could actually afford to.