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Will Arrival's Screenwriter be Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay?

Arrival. You're going to be hearing so much about the film in the run up to awards season. I read—and loved—Ted Chiang’s story The Story of Your Life and worried how it could possibly translate to the screen. Needn’t have. It is a powerful movie, a story that brings heart and science together in a way that will keep you thinking about it long after the lights come up in the theater. 

So, yes. That’s my answer to the question I posited in the headline. Screenwriter Eric Heisserer, the man that took Ted Chiang’s beautiful story, expanded on it while remaining pure to its essential truth, will be in the convo, as surely as the luminous Amy Adams will. Which is why I’ve nabbed his interview with Collider for today’s Sunday Slacker video.

There are no spoilers that I can see, the only thing wrong with the interview is that there’s not enough talk about Adams’ performance of the linguist, Dr. Louise Banks. We’ve talked about Adams being very much in the awards conversation, watch this movie and you see why. If you pay attention to screenwriters—and I hope you agree it all starts on the page—Eric Heisserer is almost sure to be nominated in the Best Adapted Screenplay category.