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Where is The Secret Scripture starring Rooney Mara & Aidan Turner showing? I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE! [trailer]

We have the trailer now but the big secret is where the hell is the actual movie! I have waited for this film, based on Sebastian Barry’s epic book, for so long. Back as far as June 2013 when Jessica Chastain was set to play Rose along with Vanessa Redgrave! Rooney replaced her, the film was made. And for so long, it was tied up in bancruptcy proceedings!

But now, here it is, the trailer for The Secret Scripture starring Rooney Mara, Vanessa Redgrave, Eric Bana, Aidan Turner, Theo James and Jack Reynor. Indicating some sort of releae I imagine but I still can’t tell when or how the film is actually being released. Imdb says 2016 but apart from screening at TIFF in September and the London Film Festival in October, there hasn’t been a general release and 2016 is coming to an end after all. I know reviews were mixed but, I’m sorry, with this cast I insist on seeing it anyway!

Mara and Redgrave both play Rose McNulty, as the younger and older woman confined to a deteriorating mental health hospital. Eric Bana is the psychiatrist brought in to determine Rose's fitness to be moved after all these years and in so doing, hears the dramatic story of her life in 1940’s Ireland.