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The trailer for Beauty & the Beast is here: But I still can't get the images from the fairy tale out of my head

I know we’re supposed to get swept away by the just-released Beauty & the Beast trailer, I’m not sure why I’m not feeling it.
But I have a clue. 

I was ten years old in 1963 when my mother gave me a translation of the fairy tale written by Marie Leprince de Beaumont in 1756. Her version wasn’t the original but it was the one I first saw, complete with an afterword by French director Jean Cocteau who made what is generally acknowledged as a masterpiece. 

The newly published book was slim with page after page of large stunning illustrations by Hilary Knight—best known for his work on the Eloise series of books. Having seen the beautiful Belle and her ethereal sweeping gowns depicted in art nouveau style at that impressionable age, that yellow Disney dress has always seemed clunky, conventional in comparison. 

The first trailer for the film is at the bottom of this post and the production design is undeniably magical. 

In the meantime take a look at these images. I think these pictures just may have colored my inner world with a host of unrealistic expectations for my entire life! It’s a lot for Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as Beauty and the Beast.

Here’s the trailer for the Cocteau version